American Gaming Association Aiming Big In 2014

American Gaming Association Aiming Big In 2014

If you thought 2013 was a big year for online gamers and poker players in the United States, you haven’t seen nothing yet. It looks as though 2013 was a mere warm-up to the main event that 2014 is set to be and you should prepare yourself for lots of fun, excitement and entertainment. Of course, it is usually the players who are better prepared and ready for high drama and excitement so it is good to see that some of the official bodies have been taking steps to get ready for this New Year and what is going to be on offer.

This can be seen in the actions taken by the American Gaming Association, or AGA, who look as if they understand what an important year 2014 is going to be. The organisation looks set to ramp up its presence in this year and they want to get a whole new raft of employees on board. Given that these employees look to be coming in for highly important positions, it is fair to say that there is going to be a lot to look out for in the weeks and months ahead. You can bet that these new employees will be employed in pushing for some form of federal solution to the issues affecting online gaming. There is a focus on regulation in the online gaming industry and these moves look as though they indicate that AGA is pushing for an end to the prohibition that currently exists for online gamers in the USA. No one is too sure what the future will hold for players but online poker USA players have more cause for optimism than they have experienced in the past couple of years.

Poker players set for a year of excitement in America

The current President of AGA, Geoff Freeman, has spoken freely about the challenges that face the online gaming industry in America. He believes that recent years have been beneficial to offshore gaming sites and companies, and the time is right to make a change with respect to the way the industry is set up. He said; “Last year, before a single state legalized online gaming, Americans spent nearly $3 billion—or nearly 10 percent of the entire worldwide online gaming market—on illegal, unregulated offshore gaming sites,” Freeman is a firm believer that online gaming will continue to grow and that it is important to set it up properly in the US, so that everyone benefits. He continued by saying; “The writing is on the wall: the encroachment of the Internet cannot be stopped and neither can consumer demand. Anyone who doesn’t believe that online gaming is here to stay should ask Blockbuster if streaming movies online was merely a fad.”

The new positions that AGA are looking to fill include a Senior VP of Public Affairs, a VP of Government Relations, a Senior Director of Communications, a Director of Gaming Policy and a general Counsel. All of these job titles sound extremely serious and will no doubt carry hefty pay packets. This means that the people applying for these jobs will have to show plenty of experience or plenty of good reasons as to why they should be given the jobs. It may not seem as though they have a lot in common with current US poker players but there is no doubt that the poker playing community in America is likely to feel the benefit of the work carried out by these people.

2013 was a good year for online poker in the USA but it seems as though 2014 is shaping up just as nicely.

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