Caesars Say New Players Flocking To Online Poker

Caesars Say New Players Flocking To Online Poker

In the many debates and argument over the nature of online poker in the US, one argument that popped up time and time again was the fact that allowing players to play poker at home would see a drop-off in the number of people playing poker in casinos. Given that many of the casinos also had an online poker licence, it could be argued that it wouldn’t be a massive difference to the actual sites but it could have a huge impact on the employment of many people in the local economy.

If an increasing number of people were playing poker from the comfort of their own home as opposed to attending at a casino, there could be a big drop in the number of employees needed at these venues. There are also other firms and organisations relying on the success of these casinos so there was some worried people when New Jersey gave the green light to online poker play.

New poker players are arriving all the time

However, it seems as though the switch to providing online poker real money options in the state hasn’t impacted on casino play. Caesars are obviously one of the big firms in the area and they have a foot in the online and offline camps. The company has recently issued a statement saying that the players signed up for online poker play are mainly new players. The firm stated that 91% of the new players taking part in the New Jersey online poker experience are new to the firm. This means that these players were not already on the 40 million people database that Caesars holds. This provides some form of confidence that players are not eschewing physical casino play for online casino play. In fact, it seems as though the addition of online poker rooms has welcomed a lot new people and players to the activity.

The firm also stated that they players did know have actually increased their level of play, helping to bring in even more money to the firm and a higher number of people playing in the physical casinos. There was a lot of concern and debate that online poker may lead to a cannibalisation of physical poker rooms but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Given that a lot of people are employed in the poker rooms in the casinos in New Jersey, this announcement will be well received by a lot of folk, their family and friends. Given that most of the focus on poker developments falls on the bottom line of firms and huge sums of money, it is easy to overlook the individuals who work at casinos. Hopefully online poker play will prosper without harming the employment opportunities of people currently bringing poker entertainment to people in New Jersey.

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