Florida Poker Player Triumphs In Party Poker Sponsored Canada Event

Florida Poker Player Triumphs In Party Poker Sponsored Canada Event

While there is something special about winning in your home country, there is something special about heading over the border and winning in a neighbouring country. It is fair to say that he US and Canadian rivalry is not at the tense level of some rivalries, but there is certainly a spark to look out for. When an American player heads North and manages to be a winner in Canada, there is a lot for local players to be happy about.

When the poker event is sponsored by a popular online poker site, there is a lot to be said for US poker players being inspired and motivated to get involved. There has not always been an abundance of poker sites for US players but things are definitely getting better. If you are unable to raise the cash or the motivation to take part in these major poker tournaments, such as the World Poker Tour in Montreal, there is always an opportunity to play from the comfort of your own home. Of course, with an increasing number of online poker sites providing players with satellite events, there is a chance for so many poker players to make their way to a major event.

Online poker sponsored events grab the interest

This was what Florida resident Derrick Rosenbarger managed to do. The player has had numerous successes in online poker tournaments and events but this Canadian triumph was just his second in live cash tournaments. The win in Canada managed to give him more than $500,000 for his efforts and means he has a WPT success to add to his earlier WSOP success. The win over Mukul Pahuja would have been a big boost for Rosenbarger but it would have been a blow for Pahuja. Mind you, the fact that Pahuja has now managed to rack up close to $2m in live tournament earnings is likely to keep him smiling at the end of the day.

It is easy to think of online poker as being very separate form physical tournaments. While both of these games play by the same rules, the psychological nature of playing face to face people around the table can add an extra dimension. This reason alone is the factor why so many people say that online poker is lacking in comparison to physical poker but there is no doubt that online poker can help players to build their skills, confidence and psychological nature.

The improving nature of technology means that there is a greater level of engagement and interaction for players. This can provide players with the skills they need to take on their opponents in head to head match-ups. Poker is not just about playing the cards, it is sometimes about playing the opponent and as online poker provides increased and improved opportunities, there is no denying that online poker should be part of a professional poker player’s arsenal.

There is also a lot to be said for looking at the satellite poker opportunities provided by online poker sites. If a US based poker player has genuine dreams and ambitions about playing in the biggest tournaments against the best players, playing online provides an affordable gateway. The fact that there are sites like partypoker sponsoring these events means that there will be online opportunities for players to make their mark in the online and offline poker community.

Any poker player looking to enhance their skills and improve their chances of making a lot of money, looking for the satellite opportunity on online sites will always be of benefit and interest.

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