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300 piece poker chip set “Suited Design” 11.5g clay composite in lockable silver case with Dealer Button

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Product Information:

  • 300-Piece Poker Chip Set 11.5g Clay Composite in Lockable Silver Case with Dealer Button
  • 300-piece poker chip set housed in lockable aluminum case
  • Includes 100 white, 100 red, 50 blue, and 50 black chips
  • Composite resin construction with insert for extra-heavy feel
  • “Suited” design around edges; 2 decks of casino-quality cards
  • Includes five 19mm casino-size dice and single dealer button

Item Description

This All In One Professional Poker Chip Set Includes : 300pc 11.5g Heavy weight Clay/Abs Composite “SUITED” chips, Deluxe Heavy Duty Aluminum Case, 2 Decks of Casino Quality Cards, 5 19mm Casino Size Dice, and 1 Dealer Button. Chip Colors & Quantity : 100 White Chips, 100 Red Chips, 50 Blue Chips, and 50 Black Chips.