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Bicycle Premium Mega Masters 500 11.5-Gram Clay-Filled Poker Chip Set in a Black Lacquered Case

Clay-filled chips offer superior feel, action, and soundPerfect for Texas Hold 'Em PokerCasino-style heavyweight engraved dealer button, two decks Bicycle Premium playing cardsPatent-pending chip technology11.5-gram, two-color pro player chips (200 green, 125 blue, 100 red, and 75 black)


Bicycle Shadow Masters BLACK Deck of Playing Cards by Ellusionist

JOKERS... if death was a gentleman, this is who he would look like. One Joker holds the sands of time in his hand while the other Joker changes it to a three of diamonds REVEAL.EXTRA CARDS - there is one standard "ad card" from Ellusionist, but one card is a DOUBLE BACKER. (A gift to our cardworker fans... enjoy.)BARCODE REVEAL : the tuck box contains a barcode reveal of the three of spades. Use it wisely.FINISH : Smooth Air-Flow FinishSEE OTHER MUST-HAVE CUSTOM DECKS BY SEARCHING "ELLUSIONIST" AT AMAZON