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Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells: Devastate Opponents by Reading Body Language, Table Talk, Chip Moves, And Much More

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  • ISBN13 : 9781572438071
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Learn to Read Tells to Increase Your Chances of Winning! Anyone can win in poker if they hold the best cards; the trick is to win when you don’t! That’s where tells come in—those subtle ways in which opponents betray themselves through body language, table talk, chip moves, eye contact, and more.

Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells is a treasure trove of behavioral information to give you a huge edge over your competition. You’ll learn when your opponents are bluffing, when they aren’t, and why by improving your ability to read their speech patterns and mannerisms. With this knowledge you can exploit their weaknesses and win pots by betting or raising at just the right time.

Tells are rarely obvious, and it takes concentration to find them, but this book will teach you how to identify them and use them to your advantage. Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their play.